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  1.     Monday 3 June 2013

14:00 - 18:30 Numerical simulations. Non-Gaussianity

Stefan Hilbert, Numerical simulations for weak lensing: A review

Barnaby Rowe, GREAT3: The Third Weak Gravitational Lensing Accuracy Testing Challenge

Xun Shi, E-/B-mode separation for third-order statistics

Zoltan Haiman, Cosmological Information from Non-Linear Weak Lensing

Laura Marian, Improved cosmological constraints from WL surveys using shear peak statistics

Mateo Maturi, Lensing in peaks and filaments

Filipe Abdalla, Photometric redshift calibration beyond the ordinary

  1.     Tuesday 4 June 2013

9:00 - 12:00 Map-making. Modified Gravity

Sandrine Pires, 2D mass mapping and optimizing peak counts

Francois Lanusse, WALRUS-3D: A sparsity-based approach to weak lensing density reconstructions in 3D

Donnacha Kirk, Weak gravitational lensing as a practical probe of Modified Gravity

Robert E. Smith, Galaxy-galaxy lensing and other probes of Modified Gravity

14:00 - 18:00 PSF and shape measurement.

Frederic Courbin, Interpolating PSF anisotropy

Marc Gentile, On the accuracy of PSF interpolation: great10 as a test bench

Alexandre Refregier, Monte Carlo Control Loops for Weak Lensing

Tomasz Kacprzak, Model fitting approach to shape measurement

Gary Bernstein, Bayesian Shear Estimation [flipchart | slides]

Massimo Viola, Accuracy and precision in shear measurements, possible trade off

  1.     Wednesday 5 June 2013

9:00 - 12:30 Intrinsic alignment

Bjoern Malte Schaefer, Theoretical modeling of intrinsic alignments

Sarah Bridle, Intrinsic alignment mitigation techniques

Benjamin Joachimi, Understanding intrinsic alignment signals

Martin Kilbinger, CFHTLenS: Latest cosmology results

Joerg Dietrich, The Impact of Galaxy Cluster Orientation Bias on Stacked Weak Lensing Analyses

14:00 - 15:30 Magnification

Alan Heavens, Cosmic Size Magnification: increasing the FoM with no extra observations

Hendrik Hildebrandt, Magnification measurements in CFHTLenS - dust, incompleteness, and systematics

Anais Rassat, Arc statistics and strong lensing