Nice is the fifth-largest city in France, with 340 000 inhabitants. It was founded as "Nikaïa" by the Greek, and has been a Roman town afterward. The romain excavations at Cimiez are worth a visit.

Nice has been welcoming artists and painters over a long time, of which many museums are witnesses (Matisse, Chagalle, and within 25 km of Nice, Renoir, and Picasso).

Nowadays Nice is a popular tourist destination as the main city of the French riviera (Côte d'Azur), with nice beaches, steep cliffs and the glamorous "Promenade des Anglais".

The old town of Nice is a labyrinth of small alleys, displaying street names both in French and the Niçois dialect. It harbours many cafés, bars, restaurants and brasseries where some of the local food can be eaten, such as socca (savoury crêpe), pan-bagnat (sandwich), pissaladière (a kind of pizza) or tourte des blettes (chard pie).