Workshop on weak gravitational lensing - beyond the ordinary

June 3 - June 5, 2013

Nice, France


Weak gravitational lensing has reached a point of being a mature, reliable probe of cosmology and the large-scale structure in the Universe. Current surveys very successfully measure shape correlations of distant galaxies and constrain cosmological parameters and models. The wealth of data from upcoming future surveys such as HSC, KiDS, DES or Euclid requires new, advanced statistical and mathematical tools to fully exploit those data.

The aim of this workshop is to bring together cutting-edge ideas and explore new methods of weak gravitational lensing beyond the ordinary. The subjects include higher-order lensing statistics, peak counts, map reconstruction in 2D and 3D, magnification and flexion, and lensing beyond the standard model.



Scientific Organization Committee:

Jean-Luc Starck, CEA Saclay

Martin Kilbinger, CEA Saclay

Adrienne Leonard, CEA Saclay

Filipe Abdalla, UCL

David Bacon, ICG Portsmouth

Local Organization Committee:

M. Kilbinger, CEA Saclay

J.-L. Starck, CEA Saclay

A. Leonard, CEA Saclay


Last updated: 21/06/2013